Spills Happen!


When any pool or spa sanitizer and oxidizer material spills:

  • Be sure that no contaminant is present. Some common contaminants are household cleaners, detergents, bleaches, paints, oils, greases, waxes, solvents, ammonia, fertilizers or gasoline.
  • Provide ventilation and clear area of children and other people.
  • Wear protective gear (safety glasses, rubber gloves, etc.)
  • Use only clean, dry brooms, shovels and containers. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Separate spilled material from original container. Never return spilled material to original container.
  • Never put spilled material in any sewer or steam.
  • Small amounts of clean, spilled material may be put in your pool water. Check water chemistry to avoid imbalance
  • Use extreme caution when attempting to clean up any spilled sanitizer and oxidizer that may have incompatible chemicals mixed together. Using the same precautions listed above, isolate the spilled material in a clean, dry container away from other stored chemicals, preferably outside the house or shed. Call your PoolBrite pool professional or the manufacturer for disposal instructions. If any evidence of a fire occurs, evacuate the area immediately, and call the fire department immediately!