Safe Handling

  • Read all labels carefully and follow directions precisely. Never mix chemicals together. Chemical reactions, toxic fumes, explosions or a fire may occur. Add each chemical to pool water separately.
  • If label instructions call for mixing or diluting with water, use a clean dry container and never add water to chemicals, always add chemicals to the water.
  • Always use a separate clean scoop when measuring chemicals. Don’t interchange scoops or place a wet scoop back in any chemical container.
  • Never put chemical products such as Calcium Hypochlorite directly into skimmers or automatic chlorinators made for dispensing Trichloro (stabilised chlorine) or bromine chemicals.
  • Rinse out empty bags or containers of chemicals in pool water; it gets the full value of the product in the pool, and cleans residual chemical from the container.
  • Always hold and open chemical containers in a well-ventilated area with lid or cap pointed away from your face. Avoid breathing fumes and avoid letting chemicals contact eyes, nose, mouth or skin.
  • Always keep chemical containers closed when not in use.
  • Don’t smoke around chemicals. Some fumes can be highly flammable. Pool and spa sanitizers and oxidisers can be ignited by a lighted cigarette or match.
  • Use exact quantities specified, never more. Do not overdose.