Safe Storage

  • Do not place chemicals in boot of car for extended period of time. Unload and store them as soon as possible. Brace liquids from tipping over while in car.
  • Never store household cleaners, detergents, bleaches, paints oils, greases, waxes, solvents, ammonia, fertilizers or gasoline near the pool sanitizers and oxidizers. All of these household chemicals are incompatible with pool sanitizers and oxidizers and, if they accidently mix together, could cause a chemical reaction that will give off irritating toxic or noxious fumes; or result in a fire or explosion.
  • Store chemicals in a cool, dry and well ventilated space.
  • Keep chemicals away from heaters or open flames.
  • Do not smoke in storage areas or when handling chemicals. Pool and spa sanitizers can be ignited by a lighted cigarette or match.
  • Separate sanitizers and oxidizers from each other and from other chemicals.
  • Never store liquids directly above sanitizers and oxidizers. They may accidently leak and contaminate packaging of sanitizers.
  • Many pool and spa sanitizers and oxidizers are corrosive so don’t store them near metal products like bicycles, lawn mowers, cars, etc. because they may cause rust.