PinkDrive, managed by Cause Marketing Fundraisers, is committed to improving breast cancer awareness and education and provides services to woman across South Africa, particularly to those women who do not have access to information.

PinkDrive currently has two mobile breast units that provide affordable, convenient mammography services to women in the private and corporate sectors; and provide free scanning and education to disadvantaged communities via local clinics, community health centres and specified hospitals with no oncology facilities.

For PoolBrite it’s been and still is a privilege to be a part of this very essential and worthy cause now since June 2012, as we continue to provide in-kind sponsorship and support via a small donation for every PINK PoolBrite Month Mate Super Plus floater purchased, produced exclusively for this purpose, and which is available on shelf in most mass retail outlets.

For more info on PinkDrive, and their incredible selfless initiatives under the founder Mrs Noelene Kotschan, please go to