A Range of Quality Pool Chemicals

The PoolBrite range of quality products is extensive and covers all your pool maintenance needs. The range consists of products that fall into the following categories: Chlorines, Shock Treatments, Algaecides and Problem Solving Products. The packaging is colourful and vibrant for easy identification at the retail stores where you shop and the instructions are clear and precise for your ease of use.


Chlorine is the most common and effective chemical used to sanitise and maintain swimming pool water. Maintaining the correct level of chlorine in your swimming pool is very important to keep it sparkling clean and bacteria free all year round.  The ideal free available chlorine level is between 1-3 ppm (parts per million). PoolBrite has a wide variety of sanitising products that will help you maintain your swimming pool. So relax and take a swim and let PoolBrite keep your swimming pool clean and healthy.

Shock Treatment

Weekly shock treat the pool water to chemically destroy the contaminants introduced by swimmers and the environment. Shock treatments restore water clarity and eliminate the main cause of eye, skin and nose irritation. Many times, pool owners begin to shock treat the water after a problem occurs. However, a much better practice is to look at shocking the pool water as a preventive rather than a cure.


Algae is a common problem is swimming pools especially in the warm South African weather. Algae are microscopic, single celled plant life that reproduces rapidly  if left untreated can damage the pool surface and turn your swimming pool green, making it very unpleasant to use. There are 3 common algae species that occur in swimming pools namely; green algae, black algae and mustard algae. PoolBrite has a range of algae products to keep you swimming pool algae-free, sparkling and ready for your family and friends enjoyment.

Problem Solving Products

PoolBrite’s solution products ensures that the pool water remains sparkling clear, the water balance is maintained, pool surfaces are protected from metal staining and the pool filter works efficiently.