6 Steps to Simple Pool Care

step 1

STEP 1 – Clean the weir basket 

Remove leaves and debris trapped in the weir basket on a weekly basis. If there is allot of trees and vegetation around the pool, clean the basket frequently.

step 2

STEP 2 – Clean the pump basket 

Remove leaves and debris trapped in the pump basket on a weekly basis before you backwash and rinse the filter.

step 3

STEP 3 – Clean Pool Surfaces 

To prevent staining from leaves or debris, use a pool net to clean the water surface before debris or leaves drop to the bottom of the pool. To prevent wall clinging algae from growing, brush the pool steps, walls and areas of poor circulation in the pool on a weekly basis.

step 4

STEP 4 – Backwash and rinse the sand filter 

Attached to a filter is a multi-port valve which is used to select one of 6 different settings. Each setting has a different function which controls the water flow either through or bypassing the filter. The 3 most common settings used are; filter, backwash or rinse. Switch the pump off before changing the settings on the multi-port valve. Weekly one should backwash the filter for 3-5 minutes to remove debris and dust caught in the filter sand. Thereafter, rinse the filter for 1 minute before selecting the filter position to continue filtering the pool water.

step 5

STEP 5 – Test the pool water 

Weekly test and correct the pH and chlorine level of the pool water. The ideal pH range is between 7.2-7.6. If the pH is below 7.2, PoolBrite Soda Ash is required to increase the pH to the correct level. If the pH is above 7.6, acid is used to reduce the pH of the water.  The ideal chlorine range is between 1-3ppm (parts per million). If the chlorine level is below 1ppm shock treat the pool water with Clarity Xtra Blue, 100g per 10 000 litres or Whamo Xtra Blue, one 450g bag per 50 000 litres.

Month Mate Kit_individual

STEP 6 – Regular sanitizer maintenance 

The PoolBrite Monthly kit is convenient for monthly maintenance. Apply one 450g bag of Month Mate Shock Xtra Blue on a weekly basis and monthly add the Month Mate Floater. Alternative chlorine options are offered by PoolBrite to suit your pool requirements, click here to see other chlorine choices.