Save Water, Backwash Less with Month Mate Xtra Blue

Why do you NEED to Backwash?

There are two reasons why one NEEDS to backwash.

Firstly, during normal daily filtration a lot of dirt and debris is trapped in the filter sand. Over a week this slowly clogs the filter reducing its efficiency. Reduced filter efficiency can cause cloudy water conditions, inhibit proper water circulation and chemicals from functioning effectively. Backwashing and rinsing the filter weekly keeps it clear.

Secondly, and equally important, backwashing up to 5 minutes weekly requires one top up the pool with fresh water regularly which helps to reduce the excessive build-up of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Ideally, the TDS level should be kept under 1500 ppm. Above this it can decrease the efficacy of the chlorine to keep the water adequately sanitised; cause skin and eye irritations to swimmers; cloudy water conditions and metal corrosion of the pool equipment. Backwashing and topping up with fresh water weekly is the only way to keep the TDS level in check.

What is TDS?

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is the measure of the sum of all the substances dissolved in the pool water. Everything one adds to pool water increases the TDS level, which includes chlorine, algaecides, shock treatments, water balancers, clarifiers etc. Even swimming in the pool adds to the TDS level from the sweat, hairspray, deodorant, perfume and other substances from the bodies of swimmer and everything that blows in on the wind or washes in from rain also contributes to raising the TDS level.

So, how does one SAVE WATER and BACKWASH LESS with Month Mate Granular Xtra Blue?

Month Mate Granular Xtra Blue is a powerful 6 in 1 Multi-Action Chlorine that does the job of many products without compromising on water quality. Month Mate Granular Xtra Blue is a sanitiser, algae preventer, water clarifier, water enhancer, kills algae and contains built in sunlight protection for the chlorine.

Due to its powerful Multi-Action blended formulation, only a ½ (half) a cup (150g) of Month Mate Granular Xtra Blue per 50 000 litres *⁽¹⁾ is needed every second day to maintain clear, sparkling water with 24 hour protection against bacteria and algae.

So how exactly does Month Mate Granular Xtra Blue work that it requires less backwashing thereby saving on water?

WELL… it all has to do with the impact Month Mate Granular Xtra Blue has on TDS. (Total Dissolved Solids).

As discussed above, TDS is the accumulation of all dissolved substances in the pool water as derived from various sources. Left to accumulate above 1500ppm it can lead to a host of problems. To manage the TDS level some water needs to be removed weekly from a pool through backwashing and replaced with fresh water. 

By using Month Mate Granular Xtra Blue per the directions on pack and following the correct dosage regime, with its 6 in 1 benefits all packed into one product, less chemicals are needed to successfully maintain a pool. This directly reduces the impact on the TDS level requiring less backwashing durations and frequency, which not only SAVES on chemical usage, but reduces the wasteful use of one of our natural, scarce and treasured resource, WATER.


*⁽¹⁾ ROUTINE CHLORINATION: Throughout the season, ensure pH is 7.2-7.6 and add ½ cup (150g) MONTH MATE GRANULAR XTRA BLUE per 50 000 litres of pool water, every other day or as often as needed to maintain a chlorine residual of  1-3 ppm. The amount of product required and frequency of addition will vary depending on the number of swimmers, water temperature and amount of rain. Operate the pump for a minimum amount of 8 hours per day. For best results, pools should be shock treated regularly in summer.